Maison Margiela

Headquartered in Paris, the fashion house is known for deconstructive designs with unconventional materials. Models' faces are often obscured by fabric or long hair to direct attention to the clothes and design. The videos were posted online and played in displays at Saks Fifth Avenue.



Applying 3D scanning and animation to Converse's eclectic mix of talent (Leo Mandella, Asap Nast, Brockhampton, Tove Lo), the videos mirror the colorful personalities each individual had on set. Created to pair online with Ryan McGinley's campaign for the brand.



Whether you need a quiet desk, a permanent office for your team, or an event to wind down to, membership at NeueHouse is designed to meet your working needs. Musicians of all kinds have walked through their doors to enthrall members in a very intimate setting. These series of videos were created to promote performances at the private workspace.



The gif below was created in effort to promote Evian’s new logo and rebrand online. It was later then featured in the movie The Amazing Spiderman 2 in its famous Times Square scene. Placed in a digital billboard behind Spiderman, the gif glitches out in reaction to Electro’s electrical powers.